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How do you brand ‘thinking’ ?

When some eminent intellectuals of Pune, got together with an idea of setting up a think tank, they needed to communicate:
PIC Logo
Pune has always been a city of learning, scholarship, values, enlightened thinking and action. The city today boasts of the presence of thought leaders from all walks of life be it art, culture, education, law, science, engineering, politics, trade, commerce, manufacturing industry, knowledge based services, and so on. The Pune International Center (PIC) is a world class think tank, it provides a public forum for free & fair debates on policy, and it promotes art and culture.

That was the design challenge. We needed to communicate profound and abstract thinking prowess. We needed to reflect aspirations, yet bring out the quality of intellectual output rising above the ordinary.

After much brain storming a logo concept was finalized and designed by Falguni Gokhale, Director Visual Communications, Design Directions, Pune.

About the logo:

Lotus which is a symbol of beauty, art, intelligence, enlightenment and growth was chosen. The ‘whirls’ signify churning (manthan) of thoughts which bring out the core or the essence. The gold signifies purity of thought, the burgundy-pink express the youth and festivities and the blue signifies wisdom of people of Pune. The traditional motif in ‘international’ context creates a modern but timeless expression.

The logo received CII Design Excellence Award.

The PIC produces its brochures and policy papers under this identity and these are well received.
PIC Branding

Article written by Hemant Karandikar. Visit his Linkedin Profile