Do your corporate communications help your sales people? (a design challenge)

A field hardened sales chief once remarked that a key audience group of your marketing material is your sales team. He was so right!

In a previous post I illustrated use of visual language for communicating brand or product identity message. Brand message needs to be simple. But we also need to communicate complex messages related to a corporate brand or a complex product or a suite of offerings. The challenge for visual communications here is entirely different.

An engineering group having presence in textile engineering, liquid transfer, high speed print solutions, machine to machine communications, and clean technology through several business entities, the design challenge was to communicate all these under a single corporate master brand umbrella.

Do your corporate communications help your sales people? (a design challenge)

Such complex information places considerable cognitive load and a reader may gloss over some important part of the message. The base requirement in the above situation was that the reader should be able to visually register in her mind the corporate brand, several lines of business, and existence of business entities. She can then pay more attention to area of her immediate interest. The corporate brochure was well received by the company’s existing and prospective clients.

What’s more, the above corporate brochure became an important marketing collateral. It directly addressed the needs of sales engineers in early stage communications in a typical sales cycle -when you are introducing your company. Imagine a sales engineer having to explain the above message! He might either lose the attention of his prospective customer or he may rush through his talk by skipping what might be relevant!

Communications need to be put in the context of business processes like selling or buying. That’s another design challenge!

Article written by Hemant Karandikar. Visit his Linkedin Profile

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